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Two Laboratory Quality Management Workshops Kick Off

Two Laboratory Quality Management Workshops Kick Off

Two Laboratory Quality Management Workshops Kick Off



In conjunction with the adoption of Laboratory Quality Guide by the Ministry of Health, the Directorate General of Disease Control and Surveillance, represented by the Department of Public Health Laboratories in cooperation with APHL organized today (Sunday) two workshops in the field of quality management in laboratories at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Around 30 laboratory quality officials, laboratory directors and heads of departments in laboratories and hospitals are participating in the two workshops, and 20 participants of them will be selected for training for another week to obtain a certificate of accreditation as trainers for laboratory staff.

The two workshops aim to build a well-defined and structured laboratory quality management system, integrating the National laboratory quality management in the daily activities of medical laboratories through training and implementation, defining and enforcing roles and responsibilities of the quality management coordination team, strengthen the implementation of the national quality manual policy and the supporting managerial and technical auditing checklists , enhancing the spread of the implementation of quality management system through training of trainers, and preparing medical laboratories in the Sultanate of Oman for national and international accreditation.

The two workshops cover several topics, such as the general laboratory quality management system, including the 12 elements of the basic quality system, and discussing the policy review and auditing checklist.