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Oman Celebrates International Nurses Day

Oman Celebrates International Nurses Day

Oman Celebrates International Nurses Day



The Sultanate of Oman will celebrate tomorrow (Friday) International Nurses Day (2023), which falls on May 12; each year. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has announced that this year’s theme is: Our Nurses. Our Future.

This theme promotes the urgency to provide support and protection for nurses and to invest in nurses and the nursing profession to strengthen global healthcare systems.

The ICN has a long history in leading the planning and implementation of International Nurses Day on May 12th, celebrating the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. This year’s celebration crowns nurses' incredible commitments and efforts in caring for COVID-19 patients and those with other health problems under stressful and overwhelming conditions throughout the pandemic.

The healthcare system has always considered nurses to be an indispensable part of it, as their value has been further highlighted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses have provided forefront care during the pandemic, working tirelessly to provide care for COVID-19 patients while also managing the challenges of the pandemic and supporting the healthcare team.

It has been widely proven that investment in nurses and the nursing profession is crucial to develop health systems and improving healthcare services. By providing support, education, and recognition, nurses can be empowered to provide high-quality patient care, enhanced healthcare delivery, increased job satisfaction, and, most importantly, improved patient outcomes.

The Directorate General of Nursing Affairs (DGNA) at the Ministry of Health (MOH) strongly believes in investing in nurses as it has numerous benefits for the healthcare system, patients, and health services. The DGNA has established a structured approach for defining HR needs and implementing effective, efficient, and equitable services through the training, development, and recruitment of nurses. Based on the Annual Health Report 2022, 48% of healthcare professionals are Nurses.  The total Nursing Workforce working is 16,468 consisting of Omani and Non-Omani.

Through the "Our Nurses. Our Future" theme, nurses' contributions will be brought to the forefront, leading to a brighter future for nursing and nurses. This year’s International Nurses Day theme aims to shift nurses' perceptions, elevating their value and significance in the eyes of policymakers, decision-makers, and the public, especially concerning healthcare delivery. By doing so, we can help move beyond the perception of nurses as invisible workers and highlight their invaluable role in healthcare.