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NCD Progress report news

NCD Progress report news

NCD Progress report news


The Ministry of Health, represented by the Department of Non-Communicable Disease under the Directorate General of Primary healthcare, released a report titled "Monitoring Sultanate of Oman’s National Response to tackling Non-Communicable Diseases".

This is the first progress report since the release of the National Monitoring Framework for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in November 2011.

The report is part of the ongoing work on monitoring Oman’s response and progress to reducing the burden of Non communicable diseases. It addresses the most important recommended interventions to combat non-communicable diseases and describes the current levels of implementation. Oman’s progress indicators are linked to all national, regional and international targets which include the Sustainable Development goals and Oman Vision 2040.

Given the significant burden of Non communicable diseases, which lead to 80% of all total deaths in Oman and 21% of premature deaths (occurring between ages 30-70), the Ministry of Health of Oman has ensured the inclusion of all relevant sectors in the efforts of monitoring Oman’s collective response to the burden of non-communicable diseases.

It is hoped that this report plays a key role in spreading awareness of the existing efforts being made to promote health for all and disseminating information to those concerned to help guide the introduction of policies and scaling up existing interventions.


The report is available on following link: