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Circular on Domperidone Use

Circular on Domperidone Use

Circular on Domperidone Use


The Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs & Drug Control issued a circular to all health practitioners at the different health institutions in the Sultanate about the decision made by the technical committee of the registration of the pharmaceutical companies and their products on Domperidone drug use.

The recent studies indicates to the possibility of serious side effects for some patients administering Domperidone for long period and high doses.

The Committee has studied all information related to the safety use of the medicine and made its decision in accordance with the recommendations of international, European and regional health organizations.
The Committee decided to cancel the registration and stop handling of Domperidone 10 and 60 milligrams suppository and retain the 30 milligrams suppository, in addition to 10 milligrams oral packages.

The Committee also decided to limit the use of Domperidone to the treatment of nausea and vomiting for a short period of time at low doses. The maximum dose for adults and teenagers, over 35 kg, should not be exceeded 10 milligrams TID oral or 30 milligram suppository BID for not more than a week.

Children less than 35 kg may take only up to 0.25 for each kilogram (TID for not more than a week). Domperidone must not be used with patient suffering from heart failure, previous history of cardiac accidents, angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmia or hepatic failure.

It is worth mentioning that Domperidone is registered in the Sultanate under the trade names, such as Motillium, Dompi, Brokonin, Costi, Predom and Motilat