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Together to Fight Malaria

Together to Fight Malaria

Together to Fight Malaria



The Institute of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health, represented by Medical Laboratories Department has recently organized an event with the theme “Together to Fight Malaria” at the Institute’s Conference Hall. Thirty (30) laboratory technicians from different health services directorates and hospitals from the Sultanate’s Governorates participated in the event in addition to the Institute’s Lecturers and organizers.   

The event aimed at raising awareness on Malaria with reference to the Sultanate’s experiment in the management of this disease.

Along with lectures that discussed aspects of the reasons, symptoms, treatment, and prevalence of Malaria locally and globally, the event included also recreational shows and a small play on the best precautions needed when travelling to a Malaria-prevailed areas.

It is worth to mention that Sultanate of Oman represented by Ministry of Health is running a very successful Malaria Eradication Programme which kept the country Malaria free since Mid-90s.