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Asthma Workshop Begins

Asthma Workshop Begins

Asthma Workshop Begins


 The Ministry of Health represented by the Directorate General of Diseases Control, Non-Communicable Diseases control Department in collaboration with the Oman Respiratory Society organized today a workshop on asthma treatment in the primary health care (PHC) at Zakhir Mall.

The two-day workshop incudes 70 participants of doctors, pharmacists and PHC nurses. Lecturers from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Royal Hospital, as well as Non-Communicable Diseases control Department were participated in this workshop.

The workshop aims at training the PHC workers in treatment the asthma patient whether adults or children. It also teaching the health workers how to use the medicines of inhalation and how to use the spirometer device.

This workshop comes within the training program of the Non-Communicable Diseases control Department, Ministry of Health. 445 health workers have been trained so far in the treatment of asthma.    

Furthermore, 80 asthma clinics have been established in nine governorates in the Sultanate. The Ministry seeks to establish more asthma clinics in the new future to cover all the governorates in the Sultanate.