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Respiratory Diseases Training Workshop

Respiratory Diseases Training Workshop

Respiratory Diseases Training Workshop


 Al Azeiba Health Center organized today (Thursday) a workshop on the Respiratory Diseases for healthcare workers at City Seasons Hotel with the attendance of Dr. Badriyah Al Rashdi, Director of Healthcare Department at the Ministry of Health.

The training workshop aims at identifying the most important common respiratory diseases in both adults and children along with the up-to-date progress of such diseases in the Sultanate.

A number of doctors concerned with respiratory diseases participated in this workshop and conducted several lectures. The lectures highlighted common respiratory diseases in adults and children, the impact of sports on this diseases, and the importance of nutrition for respiratory diseases. Moreover, the workshop includes an accompanied exhibition which educated people on respiratory diseases.

It is worth to mention that the workshop witnessed the inauguration of the Asthmatic Educational Kit, which was designed and applied by the health education department of Al Azeiba Health Center. The Kit contains educational pamphlets, steam devices, and sterilization device