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MOH Statement

MOH Statement

MOH Statement



Since the first moment of the announcement of the tropical  condition in the Arabian Sea which could affect the Sultanate, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has taken all precautionary measures concerning the preparation and readiness to deal with the situation.

Since this morning (Wednesday), the Central Emergency room in the MOH Crises and Emergency Department has been activated, as well as it has been coordinated with all Directorates General of Health Services in the governorates and Executive Directors in the hospitals in order to enhance the readiness, raise the preparation level, affirm all response plans and to ensure the communication system and all necessary preparation to deal with the situation. 

All patients in AlNahda Hospitals have been shifted precautionary for their own safety, as well as for the medical staff safety. The Hospital will remain closed during the period of the tropical  condition. MOH advice all citizens to go to Khawla Hospital for the cases of ophthalmology, ENT, jaw and teeth surgery and public emergency. As for the cases of internal medicine, dermatology and pediatric, they have to go the Royal Hospital.

The Ministry is following-up the development of the tropical  condition constantly, as well as coordinating with various relevant authorities for preparedness and ensurance of effective response. Furthermore, the Ministry calls all citizens to take all the necessary precautions and to seek the information from the reliable sources.

It should be noted that, for any further information, all citizens and residents can call the Contact Center of the Ministry of Health on the number of 24441999.