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Effective 1st of July

Effective 1st of July

Effective 1st of July



The Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs & Drug Control (DGPA&DC) at the Ministry of Health had released on last October a list of drugs included in price reduction. The revision of drugs pricing in its first phase covers 1400 drugs from five therapeutic groups, which are cardiovascular drugs, endocrine drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, skin drugs, and musculoskeletal and joint drugs.

As a second phase of this project, the DG has finished the pricing revision of approximately another 1180 drugs of the therapeutic groups namely Antibiotics drugs, respiratory system drugs, respiratory diseases drugs, eyes drugs, nose, ears and throat diseases drugs, Cancerous  diseases drugs, Hematology and some of blood products and vaccines.

The reduced prices has been circulated to the companies’ agents in the Sultanates on February 2015. In addition, the list of the drugs was uploaded in the Ministry’s website and a period of five months was granted to the drugs’ manufactured companies to state any remarks concerning the approved prices and amend those prices in all of the retail pharmacies in the Sultanate according to the determined date. Every agent shall take the responsibility of amending the prices of the drugs in all pharmacies.

Ministry of Health represented by DGPA&DC will follow the implementation of the reduced prices in all of the Sultanate pharmacies, effective from the 1st of July. The inspection will be conducted by the concerned departments in the DGPA&DC and in collaboration with the Directorates General of for Health Services in all of the Sultanates Governorates to ensure the undertaking of the new prices.

It is worth to mention that the Directorate approved some new mechanisms, which allow revision of the drugs prices once the Patent period over or when change in the drug prices occurs in the source country or internationally for any possible reason.  

The Ministry notifies that the new prices must be set by respective official agent on all registered drugs. The agent should change the prices in all pharmacies in case the drug is among the reduced price list. The price lists of the drugs subjected to reduction are available at the MOH’s website and they are continuously updated and when is demanded.

Therefore, the Ministry calls every one to view those list via its website ( Any observation of any alteration in prices or for any other remarks, contact the Ministry’s Contact Centre on: 24441999.