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Khoula Hospital Removes 13 cm Tumor from Infant

Khoula Hospital Removes 13 cm Tumor from Infant

Khoula Hospital Removes 13 cm Tumor from Infant


In the first time in the Sultanate, the doctors of Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial Unit Team in Khoula Hospital has succeeded recently in removing a 13 cm tumor from the face of 8-months infant by performing a complicated surgery that took more than 14 hours.

The 8-month baby girl (Tuqa) was born with a 13 cm long congenital tumor in the right side of her Skull base extending outside to the right side of her face. The tumor was pressing her right eye thus affecting her sight, and blocking the right nostril. In addition, the child was suffering from another medical condition concerning her heart as she was having only one ventricle instead of two; therefore, she underwent previously a successful surgery in the Royal Hospital.

Operations in such rare and challenging cases demand the coordination and collaboration of several teams. In this particular case of Tuqa, the procedure involved 17 doctors from 5 teams namely; surgery craniofacial plastic team, neurosurgery team, pediatric cardiology team, anesthesia team, and pediatric intensive care team.  

After explaining fully to her parents the surgery’s details, producers, and the possibility of performing it in the sultanate by a qualified doctors and the available modern high quality techs, the surgery was set to be performed after the patient is completing 8 months of age, taking into consideration her heart condition and providing a special equipment in the operation room.

It is worth to mention that the child will be operated another surgery after one year to reconstruct the nose and the lip. Additionally, when she reaches 8 years of age, a third surgery will be performed to correct the eyes’.