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National Committee for Tobacco Control Holds 10TH Meeting

National Committee for Tobacco Control Holds 10TH Meeting

National Committee for Tobacco Control Holds 10TH Meeting


The National Committee for Tobacco Control (NCTC) convened on Wednesday its tenth meeting at the Ministry of Health’s Main Hall.

The meeting was presided over by the MOH’s Undersecretary for Health Affairs H.E. Dr. Mohammed Saif Al Hosni, Committee’s Chairman, with the presence of the committee’s members of the various official bodies.

The meeting reviewed spectrum of topics related to banning the sales and circulation of tobacco products such as cigarettes and shisha, as well the curb over their provision. 

The committee stressed the importance of the Sultanate’s resolution adopted in 2015 regarding banning the sale and trade of electronic cigarettes in the country. New users of these products are dramatically increasing as shown by the International health organizations and agencies that confirmed their negative impacts on health, entailing severe epidemic and health consequences as well additional medical expenditures.

Moreover, the committee reviewed the Saudi Arabia’s experience in imposing taxes on all the services provided by shisha cafes and restaurants, in addition to blocking view of tobacco products in the shops.

The Committee also discussed the decisions of the new Muscat Municipality regulation related to the circulation of shisha such as banning shisha in closed public places and dealing with the shisha cafes located in commercial residential buildings and beaches, along with the unification of the requirements for shisha delivery from various municipalities in terms of annual fees, and the distance between the place of delivery and the nearest residence, a mosque, hospital or school, as well as in terms of preventing the entry of children under the age of eighteen years in cafes and halls to shisha cafes, and the requirements for the types of food and beverages provided to the attendees of these cafes, and the conditions for the shisha equipment preservation.

In addition, the Committee presented its proposals on the phenomenon of allocating areas for smokers in restaurants, cafes, and closed public places.

The NCTC membership comprise representatives from the MOH, Royal Oman Police, World Health Organization, and the Ministries of Commerce and Industry, Regional Municipalities & Water Resources, Education, Manpower, Agriculture & Fisheries, and Information, in addition to the Public Authority for Costumer Protection, and Municipalities of Muscat and Dhofar