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Health Ministry Role in Shomoukh and SS3 Military Drill

Health Ministry Role in Shomoukh and SS3 Military Drill

Health Ministry Role in Shomoukh and SS3 Military Drill


The Ministry of Health (MOH) is taking part in the national military drill Al Shomoukh 2 and Al Saif Al Sarea (Swift Sword 3) along with the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), in addition to the military and security apparatuses in order to achieve the national goals of enhancing the capabilities and maintain the joint operational preparedness.

The Ministry ensures preparedness through its health system on several stages first of which is the pre-conflict phase (crisis publicizing). This phase ensures the preparedness in the management of health emergency, and identifies the readiness of the governorates main committees to manage the health emergency, as well as reviewing the emergency plans and asses the readiness of the Medical Response and Public Health sector members. The phase further aims to supervise the readiness of clinics in the accommodation centers, as well as to ascertain the potentials of all central pharmaceuticals.  

On the second stage (the crisis), medical services in the armed forces will be assigned during the joint operations, and the size of required medical assistance in health facilities and the field of conflict will be identified, additionally the medical support from medical personnel, equipment and medicines will be administered and other sectors will coordinated with.   

The ministry has also been keen to provide health services according to the prepared scenarios and standardize the joint work. The operation room of the emergency departments was activated in the General Directorate of Health Services in all governorates of the Sultanate.

Moreover, the plan of the medical response and public health sector of armed conflict as well as the plan of the Governorates were activated to strengthen the health services in order to support the SAF at all levels.

On the strategic level, the level of response, the required resources and the need to activate neighboring governorates have been determined , as well as the reception and distribution of external medical support of medical cadres, equipment and medicines have been supervised.

On the operational level, the main and sub committees for emergency management were activated along with the leadership and control.

On the civil level, the health institutions nearby the drill’s zone have been equipped and alerted. Medical support is provided including the reception and classification of injured persons, further to the provision of medical and surgical treatment for the rescue of those injured in the back lines, as well as supporting of medical personnel if demanded.

Health services will be strengthened in a number of shelter centers in all governorates, if necessary, ensuring the availability of adequate medicines.

Five hospitals are assigned a fourth line support for the armed forces namely are Ibri, Nizwa, Ibra, Sur, and Sultan Qaboos hospital in Salalah. In addition, Khoula and Royal hospitals were given the responsibility to receive critical cases that surpass the fourth line’s hospitals capacities.