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Health Ministry Issues 2015 Annual Health Report

Health Ministry Issues 2015 Annual Health Report

Health Ministry Issues 2015 Annual Health Report


The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Data & Statistics Department in the Directorate General of Planning and Studies (DGPS) issued the 2015 Annual Health Report. The report highlights the most important achievements in the Sultanate in the health sector, as well as the most health and vital indicators. In this year, the report contained an executive summary for the Health Vision 2050.

“This report has ten chapters, starting with an introduction to the demographic and geographic characteristics and administrative structure of the Ministry. Health indicators has been presented also over the last years since 1970, followed by a clarification for the health resources, which include the health institutions and its usage, its distribution, the health workforce, the financial aspects, projects, education and training” Dr. Ahmed al-Qasmi, DGPS Director General stated.

The report also addresses the product of the health situation by presenting and describing the status and achievements of the various health fields of the eighth five-year plan, as well as describing the status of morbidity and mortality.

The Ministry has seen a remarkable increase in its expenses over the years due to the need to keep up with the population growth requirements, expansion of health services both quantitatively and qualitatively in all the Governorates, changing types of diseases and the high cost of health care services.