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Statement No. (21) March 18, 2020

Statement No. (21) March 18, 2020

Statement No. (21) March 18, 2020


The Ministry of Health (MOH) announces the registration of (9)  new confirmed cases with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), of which eight citizens and one   resident. 7 of them are linked  to travelling abroad whereas two are under epidemiological investigation. Meanwhile,  one of the cases is receiving treatment in the hospital and stable while the rest are under home isolation. 

This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases registered in the Sultanate to (33). Noting that (29) cases are linked to traveling abroad and four are under epidemiological investigation.

The Ministry reaffirms that (12) cases have recovered. 

MOH calls upon all to adhere to the quarantine procedures as instructed and avoid public and worship places. In addition, it advises keeping on washing hands with water and soap as well as avoiding touching the face and eyes and following the healthy habits when coughing and sneezing, and  avoiding attending the cinemas.

 Furthermore, MOH calls upon all to avoid travelling unless absolutely necessary as well as following the precautionary measures during religious rituals and family and social gatherings.