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RH Launches Multi Storey Parking

RH Launches Multi Storey Parking

RH Launches Multi Storey Parking


The Royal Hospital (RH) launched today Wednesday the new Multi-Storey Parking with the capacity of 487 vehicles in the presence of Dr. Qasim Ahmad Al Salmi, RH Director.

The Multi Storey parking was built on an area of 10215-meter squares and consists of three floors. The ground floor includes 286 parking, the First floor has 66 parking, the second floor has 66, and the roof includes 69 car parking. The new building includes also elevators for public use to allow the movement from the multi-storied parking area to the hospital’s entrance and the vice versa, in addition to the inclusion of parking for persons with special needs.

The design of the building involved a number of significance requirements that cope with the most modern technology and incorporate security and safety systems that consider auto-firefighting, emergency stairs, as well as passages for pedestrian and vehicular access.  

It should be noted that this multi-storey car parking would meet people’s aspirations in developing the hospital’s services, and provides successful solutions for the rarity car parking issue in the RH.