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MOH Organizes Bi-Regional Meeting

MOH Organizes Bi-Regional Meeting

MOH Organizes Bi-Regional Meeting


The Ministry of Health (MOH) in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) African & Eastern Mediterranean Regions organized today (Tuesday) the Bi-Regional Meeting to enhance emergency management: development of information system requirements for Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC) at the Intercontinental Hotel, Qurum.

The opening remark of the meeting held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Mohammed Bin Saif Al-Hosni, MOH Undersecretary for Health Affairs with the present of Dr. Akjemal Magtymova, WHO Representative to the Sultanate, Dr. Dalia Samhouri, Manager of Emergency Preparedness and International Health Regulation at the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region and Dr. Senait Fekadu, Technical Officer of Emergency Operations at the WHO African Region.

The three-day meeting aims to identify the readiness of the PHEOC as a multi-sectoral platform for managing the public health consequences of all-hazards emergencies, and increasing its operational capacity to effectively manage emergency-related information and resources. In addition, the meeting also provides an overview of existing guidance on establishing and operating PHEOCs as part of the overall efforts to strengthen the management of all-hazards health emergencies.

Furthermore, the meeting aims to share country experience, lessons learned and best practices related to PHEOC with a focus on information systems, drafting business and functional requirements for PHEOC information systems that can be adapted to country needs and used to design and implement the required software; as well as developing a roadmap to strengthen PHEOC information systems as part of the national response mechanism.

The meeting gathers a number of participants from the communicable diseases and public health department, MOH Public Health Emergency Management along with participants from the Ministry of Agriculture & Fishery who are specialized in common diseases among humans and animals, specialists from the African & Eastern Mediterranean PHEOC. 

On behalf of Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhri, WHO Regional Director for Eastern Mediterranean Region, Dr. Akjemal delivered a speech, where she pointed out that the Public Health Emergency Operation Center is a turning point in the management of health emergencies. It facilitates better management of emergencies due to all-hazards being an outbreak, natural or man-made.