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Health Minister Reviews RH Distinguished Projects

Health Minister Reviews RH Distinguished Projects

Health Minister Reviews RH Distinguished Projects


 H.E. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Saidi, Minister of Health reviewed today (Wednesday) at the Royal Hospital (RH) main Auditorium the distinguished health care development projects that contributed in enriching the culture of development among the hospital’s medical and administrative departments.

The event came as part of the different activities that have been promoted and implemented periodically with the aim of strengthening the continuous innovation and development in order to increase the hospital’s therapeutic, diagnostic, and service care.

Dr. Qasim Al Salmi, Director General of RH, said that the hospital is always seeking to provide global methodologies and practical tools to strengthen the culture of development and innovation in the public health sector in addition to promote analysis mechanisms and create general policies that cope with the health care systems challenges.

One of the distinguished projects is the implementation of simulation program to train the medical staff on medical practices such as the use of Artificial Ventilator and Infusion Pump. Moreover, the redistribution of medications project and developing supplies procedures to the National Heart Center wards helped in reducing the risks of unsafe use and decreasing the waste as it depended on flexible cost-effective concept that does not contradict with the pharmaceutical care standards. Another project is the national project of unifying and adjusting the degree of radiation doses that patients exposed to from the diagnostic radiology device.


Furthermore, the project of medical staff support to the patient and family regarding the use of Artificial Ventilator equipment at home was very successful as it lessen the patient stay in hospital. As for the ‘paramedic in my school’ project, it trains school students on the first aids and giving them instructions on how to deal with emergencies.  

Regarding the nursing staff projects, two strategies were implemented for endorsement and communicating patients’ information, which are SBAR communication tool and Rashman Application.

One of the projects that will contribute in developing the Sultanate’s Health care services is the training Ultrasound program that held in collaboration with the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG). The program trains 25 obstetrics and gynecology specialists in the Sultanate’s hospitals for one year under the supervision of the ISUOG.