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Blood Bank service  allows you to request register yourself as a donor (if not already registered in MOH) and then register your donation forms electronically. Registering your donation online saves you time when you visit the blood bank or the blood donation campaign site as you will not need to submit the form manually and wait for an approval.

To access this service:

  1. Sign into eHealth Portal by clicking Sign In button above
  2. A new button called My MoH will appear on the top bar, click this to go to the dashboards 
  3. Next, click Patient Dashboard

On the Patient Dashboard, you will see all patient related services. To register yourself as a donor or register your blood donation, use the  "Blood Bank" application: 

If you are not registered as a Donor, the button will show "Register as a Donor" as shown above. Once you register yourself as a donor, a new button will appear "Register Donation".

You can view the upcoming blood donation campaigns here.