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A Call to Donate Blood in Ramadan

A Call to Donate Blood in Ramadan

A Call to Donate Blood in Ramadan


The Blood Banks are facing a shortage of Blood Donors every year during the Holy month of Ramdan as the number of Blood donors decline by 40% during the first and second week of Ramdan and fall more drastically as Eid Holiday is approaching to up to 70%.

While the stock is falling, the Blood demands remain the same. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Department of Blood Banks Services have taken some measures to overcome the anticipated shortage and meet the daily demands of blood units and components. Furthermore, the Blood bank is conducting more mobile drives in the mosques and markets after Magrib until mid night and encouraging people who are fasting to donate after breaking their fast.

The reduction of bloodstock during Ramdan always occurs every year when the people are fasting; however, blood donation can be done in the evening.
On the other hand, the Blood Bank is encouraging the non-Fasting Blood donors to donate during the day hour time.

It should be noted that the Blood bank at the Department of Blood Banks Services in Baushar is extending its evening working hours throughout the week during Ramadan to open between 7:30pm and 11:30pm, in addition to the day working hours from 8 am to 1pm.