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To access business e-services such as purchase of tenders, applying   for pharmacy licenses, registering   drugs and so on, you must first register  your business on eHealth Portal as follows:

  1. An authorized signatory signs in   eHealth Portal using an activated   civil ID  (see activation steps by Civil ID).
  2. The civil ID  will be shown below, and the Commercial Registration (CR) number of the company has to be entered.
  3. The ID number is validated against the CR number, and if successful, a site is created represeting the business on eHealth Portal.
  4. The authorized signatory may access it from 'My Sites' on the top-bar thereafter.
  5. The authorized signatory may choose to add other employees to represent the business on eHealth Portal provided they have previously signed in  to eHealth Portal using step 1 above.



Register Business Portlet

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