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First Ministry of Health Leadership and

Decision Making Forum


The Event Ended







The Ministry of Health welcomes you to the First Leadership and Decision Making Forum.


The Ministry of Health understands fully that in order for the services provided to fulfil the intended quality of healthcare services, a multilayer of supervisory and leadership capabilities have to be considered. For the organization to succeed in this regard, individuals have to be empowered and prepared. The Ministry of Health further recognizes the huge potential in its employees and therefore aspires to identify individuals with skills in the areas of leadership and decision making to be utilized in its endeavors to provide quality healthcare.


This First Ministry of Health Leadership and Decision Making Forum is intended to lay yet additional foundational element to contribute to the realization of the aims and objectives of the forum.



Leadership and Decision Making (LDM)

LDM is a platform created by MOH for all healthcare providers who are interested in the field of leadership and decision making. This platform is capable of expanding further in the future, therefore, the signs (++) were added. It now reads as LDM++.


LDM++ is an initiative that is created and run by its members. Each LDM++ member makes a contribution to the journey of leadership and decision making. To keep the legacy going, LDM++ is pleased to announce its first forum





The main objectives of this forum are to facilitate the environment in order to attain I.O.O.I:

  • Identify leaders, core competencies, and behavior required for effective leadership
  • Optimize leadership capabilities in the healthcare sector across the Sultanate of Oman according to the needs identified through research
  • Operationalize the core competencies and behavior expected from healthcare leaders
  • Induce networking among Ministry of Health employees in the areas of leadership and decision making

Target Audience:

All healthcare professionals from the Ministry of Health interested in leadership and decision making in healthcare.


The following five domains will be covered during the forum:

  1. Managing and focusing on people, e.g. employee development, succession planning, cooperation, conflict management, directing outcomes, etc.
  2. Driving results, e.g. strategic planning, shared decision making, enhancing creative thinking and innovation, change management, etc.
  3. Building relationships, e.g. communication, cooperation, teamwork, compassion, diversity, community involvement, etc.
  4. Culturally-congruent practice, e.g. transcultural care, social justice, ethics, cultural competence, patient advocacy, building a multicultural workforce, cross-cultural communication, etc.
  5. Occupational knowledge, e.g. evidence-based practice, health informatics, technical excellence, financial management, staffing management, etc.

Forum Theme:

Shaping Future Healthcare Leaders