8th International Glaucoma Surgery Congress

8th International Glaucoma Surgery Congress

8th International Glaucoma Surgery Congress


The 8th International Glaucoma Surgery Congress will start tomorrow ( Thursday)  at Al Bustan Palace under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Darwish Saif Al Muharbi, MOH’s Undersecretary of Financial and Administrative Affairs . The three-day conference, which is organized by the Oman Ophthalmic Society and the International Society of Glaucoma Surgery, will witness local, regional, and international participation of more than 450 health workers from 50 countries; including the Sultanate, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Canada, the United States of America (USA),  and  different parts of the world. It targets doctors, nurses, Opticians, ophthalmology Researchers, and others who work in Ophthalmology.

The conference will consist of several sessions of scientific papers focusing on Glaucoma; diagnosis and its early stages treatment presented by a number of specialized international speakers.

The first day sessions of the conference will highlight the role of surgery in Glaucoma Treatment, the management of Leaking blebs, and the non-penetrating surgeries whereas the second day sessions will focus on the Surgical Management of the Congenital and Pediatric Glaucoma, drainage implants, and the management of Hypotony. The last day of the Congress will discuss the combined Phaco and Glaucoma Surgery and the current surgical Techniques.   

The Congress aims at briefing the participants with the ophthalmology updates, exchanging knowledge and experiences with the regional and international participants, and identifying the new surgical techniques used in Glaucoma diagnosis and management. Moreover, the conference will include an exhibition to display the latest pharmaceutical products and electromedical devices used in treating the Glaucoma from specialized international companies, along with scientific publications.

On the other side, the Oman Ophthalmic Society will organize tomorrow (Thursday) during the day the International Ophthalmology Conference with the participation of more than 300 ophthalmology workers from Oman and the GCC.

The day-conference will discuss during its sessions different topics regarding Advance imaging of the retina, Orbit and Optic Nerve Imaging, and retinal imaging in Pediatric ophthalmology.