Khoula Hospital Helps a 23 week-baby to Survive

Khoula Hospital Helps a 23 week-baby to Survive

Khoula Hospital Helps a 23 week-baby to Survive


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Khoula Hospital has accomplished a new medical achievement as the medical staff supervised the condition of a baby girl who was born at 23 weeks of gestational age with 570 grams of weight. The girl was one of a twin. Her twin’s weight was less than 500 thus could not be resuscitated and died.

The baby girl’s condition was very critical taking into consideration that Premature children have low immunity and are exposed to serious infections. The baby therefore required special treatment where she stayed in the NICU for 4 and half months. The Baby was put on respiratory support for total 77 days and needed an oxygen therapy. She required also inotropic support and antibiotics to treat the infections.

Moreover, the baby suffered from a heart problem called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which meant that the open hole in her heart was not closed naturally by 3rd or 4th day of life. Consequently, the PDA was treated and closed with the help of medications.

On discharge, the baby’s weight was 2.2 kg, eye and hearing examinations were normal. The baby is regularly followed up in the clinic to monitor her growth and neurological development twice a month until she reaches two years of age.

It is worth to mention that usually all over the world, if a baby is born at 23 weeks only 10-40% baby survive depending upon which center the baby is born. Those who survive, more than 50 to 60% will have short or long-term complications in the form of bleed in the head, eye problem, fits, breathing problem with oxygen dependency, and feeding problem.

In this case, the baby was discharged without major complications. It is an addition to the achievements of Khoula’s Nursing and Medical Team.