Investment Lab in Health Sector Concludes

Investment Lab in Health Sector Concludes

Investment Lab in Health Sector Concludes


With over (120) participants from the private sector and other relevant sectors from public authorities and institutions, the Investment Lab in Health Sector that was organised by the Ministry of Health with the support of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit and Oman National Investment Program (Nazdaher) concluded on Thursday at Sheraton Hotel.

The conclusion ceremony was attended by H.E. Dr. Hilal Ali Al Sabti, Minister of Health with H.E. Dr. Khamis Saif Al Jabri, Chairman of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit, along with number their Excellencies and senior officials. 

The Investment Lab in Health Sector, ran from 5-29 December, was a culmination of a collection of development and follow-up workshops that aimed at developing a leading health system with global standards through engaging all stakeholders of the public and private sectors as well the civil community in the development of health sector investment process. This is attained by providing an enabling attractive investment environment to achieve the strategic objective of the lab; contribution in raising investments and volume of exports in the health sector.

For four weeks, persons involved have worked on identifying investments potentials in the health sector and strengthening available investments opportunities and outlining relevant challenges in addition to proposing ways to overcome these challenges. 

The Investment Lab in Health Sector focused on aspects that could contribute in supporting the health sector by providing high quality and efficient health services that comply with requirements of health priorities programs, which would help in achieving sustainability,  universal health coverage, and  technological services and automation in health services provision. 

The Minister of Health honoured all participants of the health laboratory and those involved in making it a success. He further commended their efforts regarding promoting and supporting investment in the health sector.

Outcomes of the Investment Lab in Health Sector were reviewed in the last day. The outcomes involved the lab’s four pillars that are namely Medical Industries, Health Services, Health Promotion, and General Enablers.

The lab life cycle and phases during the past four weeks were further presented.  The last day reviewed opportunities and challenges encountered during the lab operation in addition recommendations and possible solutions were submitted.

It should be noted that the outcomes of the Investment Lab in Health Sector as well the results of deliberations and workshops will be announced in mid January.