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Health Minister Participates in Global Vaccine Summit

Health Minister Participates in Global Vaccine Summit

Health Minister Participates in Global Vaccine Summit


Assigned by His Majesty. Haitham bin Tarik- may Allah safeguard Him, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Saidi, minister of Health participated today (Thursday) in the virtual Global Vaccine Summit, hosted by Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, UK. 

The Sultanate represented by the Ministry of Health was selected to participate in this Summit due to its sustained efforts in bringing its health indicators up to those of advanced countries especially regarding vaccinations. 

The Gavi vaccine Alliance summit is held in times where all eyes are awaiting results and outcomes of studies and research to find out a treatment for the overwhelming pandemic, that has preoccupied international organisations since its outbreak.  

The Sultanate has assumed an international position after electing the minister of Health a first Vice-president for WHO Executive Board, marking it a health icon amongst regions of the international health with commendable experience.  

The Summit aimed at accelerating COVID-19 vaccines in addition to ensuring the adequate capacities for providing vaccines against infectious diseases like measles, typhoid and polio at the most vulnerable countries in the world. 


The summit outlined the methods deployed by countries and frontline health workers in addressing the crises and maintaining essential vaccination services during COVID-19 crisis.


The Summit reviewed the progress since 2000, highlighting the importance of accelerating equitable access to a future COVID-19 vaccine. 


Agenda discussed Gavi and the role of vaccines in preventing infectious diseases, protecting people around the world, and helping community to prosper, as well pledged vital funds and support vaccination so to continue to protect the most vulnerable communities in the world from pandemics and outbreaks. 


The Summit hopes to maintain immunization in developing countries, mitigating the impact of pandemic, thus sustaining health systems so that countries are ready to rapidly introduce COVID-19 vaccines, which will save 22 million lives by 2025.  


It should be noted that Oman has passed the comprehensive assessment for vaccines management in Immunization Programme  by 99%, scoring top globally. The Sultanate is further among the few countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region that was categorized as measles and rubella free country due to its adopted Expanded immunization program.