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In the light of the health situation analysis in the Sultanate, the achievements of the previous health plans and the existing problems and difficulties, the national health policy for the years 2011-2015 was formulated as under:

A. The work and activities of Ministry of Health and other health-related agencies are directed for achieving the following goals:

1. Make available primary and specialized health care to all people Reduce of mortality and morbidity rates of different diseases with to attain health indicators similar to that of the developed countries
2. Taking preventive measures infectious and parasitic diseases aiming at eradication especially among children and school pupils
3. Applying the latest methods for the prevention, early case finding and prompt treatment of chronic diseases to control complication.
4. Provide health care for the elderly and handicapped
5. Provide preventive measures and treatment to all types of injury
6. Develop and train Omani workforce in all health professional categories to improve Omanization levels
7. Develop information technology and facilitate access to information

B. Pursuing the following directives:

1. Primary care is the first and basic entry for all levels of health care
2. Ensure quality of health services
3. Equity in distribution, accessibility and acceptability of all services
4. Gradually promote community involvement in all health activities
5. Ensure good and complete coordination among all health care providers
6. Reduce wastage in material and human resources for health
7. Gradual delegation of authority and responsibility to the Wilayat level
8. Promote effective participation of private sector in health

C. Attention, formulation and implementing plan for the following priorities

1. Promotion of primary health care services and ensuring its quality
2. Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, accidents and causes of morbidities, mortalities, and disabilities
3. Development maternal health and reduce childhood morbidity and mortality
4. Promote the decentralization policy and hospital autonomy
5. Promote the health awareness of the community and establish a culture of healthy lifestyle