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Speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos on youth

“Qaboos Bin Said sultan of Oman (year of youth 18/11/1993)”

 The Year of Youth, and before it the Year of the Youth too, is a truthful invitation to pay attention to the Omani being who is the civilization maker, the goal of development and the development and reconstruction tool. Invitation from the heart to all officials in the governmental and private sectors to give more concern and care to the various segments of society, especially that segment that represent the promising hope of the nation for a better future: the youth. It is clear that our concentration about Omani individual is not limited in a year rather than other, but the lofty goal of this year is the reminder, the alertness and the clear direction that youth are always at the core of our concerns. We do not lose sight of our intellectual and scientific advancement, Cultural, sporting, artistic and technical. In all of these fields, the youth's progress in society increases and flourishes, the national economy grows, and agriculture, industry and trade find their way to development and progress. This affirms the mutual impact of balanced development and leads to integrated development. We call upon all to take care of our youth and to nurture their aspirations and objectives. At the same time, it is equally important that we appeal to young people to realize their great role in building the nation in various fields. And to strive for a greater and happier life that can be achieved only with effort and race and overcome all difficulties that may obstruct the way or obstruct the march. To provide and develop training programs and educational curricula and to establish various educational institutions, especially technical and vocational, and to expand the establishment of youth complexes that help to spread the sport base and contribute positively to the cultural movement on the one hand, and to allow the Omani citizen to obtain suitable work in any location on the other hand and always and never, The nominal goal that combines all efforts to achieve and attain. It is a national and historical responsibility for all to bear with all truthfulness, sincerity, honesty and spirit of altruism, which God praised by his faithful worshipers in his dear book, where he said "but give them preference over themselves, even though poverty was their" Surah al-Hasher (9)

As part of this approach, and in our desire to vary educational institutions with the aim of providing more opportunities for our youth, we have directed the establishment of a high-level arts institute that includes a number of specialties that create a generation of young people with the diverse technical expertise needed by society”.