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About Us

About Us

Al- Nahdha Hospital is national tertiary care referral center for the following specialties: • Dermatology & Gentio-Urinary Clinic • Ophthalmology • Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery and communication Disorders • Dental /Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery And also serving as a secondary referral hospital for Muscat Governorate for the following specialties: • Pediatrics • Internal Medicine At present the hospital has 142 in-patient beds, in additional to 12 beds Day care services and 16 beds for Accident & Emergency.

Academic Emphasis

Al Nahdha Hospital emphasize is to be the academic center of choice of residents health care professionals, commitment to assure the highest quality of care for those we provide service.

Our Vision

- Patient First: To enable all employees make an effort to deliver high quality of care to all patients every day as first priority.

- Veracity: To encourage all employees to communicate openly and honestly, build trust and behavior according to the code of conduct.

- Teamwork: To emphasis that system effectiveness is built on the collective strength and cultural diversity of everyone and mutual respect.

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