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Pharmaceutical Newsletter

The pharmaceutical newsletter is the first professional newsletter in Ministry of Health which started in 1992, it use to be issued in quarterly basis (every 3 months), targeting the pharmacist working in the government as well as in the private sector, as a continuing pharmaceutical education material . it is also distributed to the other health professionals for the same purpose.

Products Under Registration

1st file for status of registration process of each product. 2nd file for list of products under-registration by Active Ingredients.

Drug Price

List of registered drugs including prices.

eCTD Guideline

Guideline for implementation of eCTD.

eCTD GCC M 1 specifications

This document specifies Module 1 of the electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

CTD Submission

Guidance on CTD Submission (Circular 19/2012)

Meidcal Device

Guidance on the requirement for marketing approval of medical devices containing medicinal products (Circular 28/2008)

Herbal Comapnies & Products

Guidance on the requirement for registration of Herbal companies and products (Circular 28/2008)

Health Products

Guidance on the requirements for registration of Health Products (Circular 64/2005 & 46/2008)

Submission of Variation

Guidance on submission of variation of registered pharmaceutical companies/products (Circular 76/2010)

Product Classification

Inquiry form for Product Classification (Circular 117/2011)

Latest Circular

Latest Circular and Drug Safety Update


Circulars and guidance on using the E-portal

Periodical Reports

DGPADC's Annual and quarter Reports


Guidelines and Policies Issued by DGPA&DC

Interviews Results

Pharmacists&Ass.Pharmacists' Oral Examination Passed Candidates

Requirements & Procedures for Licensing

Requirements & Procedures for Pharmaceutical Establishment,Pharmacist & Assistant Pharmacist

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