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The role of the Directorate General of Health Services is to maintain the planning, monitoring and evaluation of services and health activities that are provided to the individuals through the primary & secondary health care institutions presented in 18 of health institution (one hospital reference - one local hospital – one polyclinic and 17 health centers) in addition to 3 directorates of health services. The most prominent future goals pursued by the Directorate Are: - Create a new reference hospital in Ibri and transforming Al Dahirah Nursing Institute to be a college of Nursing. - Establish new dialysis unit in Ibri Reference Hospital with a capacity of 13 beds. - Create more health centers in remote areas of the province provided with the latest medical services and devices.

The basic roles of various health institutions within the governorate

The basic roles of various health institutions within the governorate:
Health care institutions come under two categories which are:
-primary health care institutions : (represented by the health centers are policlinics) which provide programs and services of primary health care for the permanent patients and then may transferred to complete their treatment at specialized clinics in the secondary health care institutions when necessary.
- Secondary health care institutions (represented by Ibri Reference Hospital ) , which provides diagnostic and therapeutic services, like, the spectrum of emergency services – Delivery - operations - take care of the kids and premature babies - intensive care - dialysis - blood bank – and the specialized clinics like Orthopedic, Eyes , Heart, psychiatric and advanced diagnosed services like, X-Ray, biological laboratories and blood diseases.

Tanum Regional Drug Store

It also oversees the regional drug store located in the governorate: It is the main source provider of importing and dispensing of medicines, surgical & medical materials and lab materials for all health institutions holders around the govern-rate including Ibri polyclinic, Yanqul Local hospital and all health centers in three wilayats. It consists of four main Departments which are: Medicines Department, Lab Materials Department, Surgical Materials Department, and Medical Materials Department.

Communicable diseases Center

Directorate also oversees the Communicable Diseases Center: It is the center of the process of control infectious diseases, screening expats and control of communicable diseases in addition to providing screening against many tests that relate to the programs implemented by the ministry, such as:
- Inspect HIV (The AIDS virus) for pregnant women.
- Confirm tests of the effectiveness of immunization for the workers in the health sector.
- Examine the proportion of Iodine for school students.
- Inspection of bacterial contamination of water.
- Screening for the new employees enrolled in the health sector of the service category of doctors and other medical groups.

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