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Primary Health Care Programs

Programs & Services Provided By the Directorate: The Directorate General of Health Services - provides many health programs and services that serves the individual and society, and contributing in raising the efficiency of health institutions, which in turn provide these programs and services for all citizens of the community groups in coordination with the health and community concerns. Primary Health Care Programs: • Program of mother care during pregnancy , childbirth and postpartum • Birth-spacing program • Infertility treatment Program • Women's Health after menopause Program • Early screening for breast cancer Program • Genetic blood diseases and congenital malformations Program • Newborn screening for lack of thyroid hormone Program • Hearing screening for newborn babies Program

Health Education and Community Activities Sportiness Program

With belief of the Ministry of Health of the role of health education and its importance in enhancing the health of individuals and communities, it has given the bulk of its concerns for the department supporting and providing all the needs of publications and guiding in order do its full duties towards individuals and society. It trains of health educators to develop their skills and practical experience in the field of health education and following up what has been implemented through periodic visits to them and implementing several educational campaigns and awareness activities and guidance for the followers of proper health behaviors of citizens in various private and governmental institutions such as schools, institutes, colleges, Omani women's associations in coordination with the competent authorities. Malnutrition Program: Definition: Malnutrition is a term refers to the insufficient of consumption or excessive or unbalanced food, which resulted of several of emergence eating disorders that affect the health of the individual. It provides comprehensive medical examination and complete requested medical immunizations. It promotes healthy lifestyles by intensifying health awareness and activating the initiative of health-promoting schools and monitor dangerous health behaviors among students and work to address them. School Health Program: Definition: It is a program designed to promote healthy lifestyles among all segments of the school community and the development of school health services and ensuring its quality assurance.

Private Insinuations Administration

Directorate also oversees on the private institutions like pharmacies, special medical polyclinics, glasses shops, etc., in which it follows-up their launched procedures, their compliance to the terms and conditions of proper controls, quality and safety of medical materials available and their conservation and use. As well as it monitors the therapeutic techniques used and the extent of their impact on the health of the individuals.

The Quality Improvement Program

It is intended to: how to get the ways to work to ensure continuous study and improvement of the health service provided to the patients and the community to conform their expectations. In the framework of the effective application of health policy in the Sultanate, Guarantee and the quality improvement Program aims to add institutionalize quality on the primary health care services to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and justice in the provision of these services, in order to reach the ultimate goal which is pleasing to the users of those services.

The National Program for the Care of The Elderly

A program for the comprehensive and integrated care for the elderly to provide preventive and curative services that meet the needs of their health, psychological and economic needs to maintain their health and live a healthy life and happy . This program was implemented in 2011 in many of the health institutions in the Sultanate; it has been allocated a special section in the general directorate of health services in all governorates of the Sultanate; especially for this category of society to provide preventive and curative services that meet their health needs. It has been dedicated to a private clinic in all health centers in the governorate to receive patients from this category and follow their health.

Check and Reassure Program:

Definition of the program: It is a program for the early detection of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension arterial and renal chronic failure. Also it evaluates the presence of risk factors related incorrect behaviors and which is linked to the risk of chronic diseases detection. The department of (prevention and control of diseases and epidemiology) supervise and inspect this program and by following up its mechanism presented and applied within various health institutions to maintain and identify the difficulties they may encountered by the medical staff provided.

Training And Career Development

It is the activity aimed to raise the efficiency of individuals through the development of their knowledge, abilities and attitudes. The development of human resources is absolutely necessary and indispensable strategy for any organization in order to give the staff necessary expertise and skills to enable them to work and succeed in the midst of the stunning development that the world is witnessing various aspects and at different levels. It specialized on organizing scholarships and following-up measures related to deal trainees in the training courses, as well as it trains wishing colleges and educational institutions on the nature of the work within sections of the directorate.

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