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About Us

The Ministry of Health represented by the Directorate General of Information Technology has introduced many programs and computer systems in most administrative units and clinical institutions, for example the application of the health information system (Al-Shifa), which is a major milestone achieved by the ministry, and it is implemented in more than 200 health institutions in various Wilayats of the Sultanate. As well as being implemented in other non MOH health institutions like the Diwan of Royal Court and internal security, Ministry of Defence and the Royal Oman Police.


MOH established the Directorate General for Information Technology in 2004 for the development, maintenance and support of systems. It structurally falls under the Undersecretary for Planning Affairs. It was formed with four departments: Department of Health Systems, Department of Databases, Networks and the Department of Communications and the Department of Technical Support and Maintenance.


Health digitalization and innovation for high-quality care and sustainable health.


- To develop and provide the latest smart and digital technologies for integrated and secured health and administrative systems, to support both the health and research scheme.
- To build a consumer centric health system.
- Expand the IT infrastructure, and facilitate e-communication of the digital health system in the Sultanate.
- Support IT human resources.


- Innovation
- Creativity
- Transparency
- Continuous training
- Excellence
- Collective responsibility

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