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Annual Health Report 2022

Annual Health Report is an annual project issued by the Directorate General of Planning and Studies on a regular basis and is considered one of the most important issues that have importance to decision makers in the Ministry of Health and also references upon which the National Center for Statistics and Information and the Supreme Council for Planning and also other relevant government agencies. the report contains 10 chapters, which displays the most important data on the use of health services, manpower, education and training, expenses, projects, and data inpatients institutions of the Ministry of Health, data and other government health institutions and private sector institutions, as well as containing the supplement presents some survey data Studies conducted in the Ministry of Health and displays the millennium development goals.

Start Date: Jan 01 2022

Estimated Months: 12

Synopsis of Strategic (Volume I)

Synopsis of Strategic Studies associated with the future vision of the health system 2050, this edition focus and 24 strategic study which were accompanied in vision for 2050, a number of working papers of this strategy include analyzing information's and studies that necessary for all health workers and decision makers. The first volume focus on eight studies which are the most important includes:- Human resources for health - primary health care - health care quality –non communicable diseases - health promotion - nutrition – elderly care medical technology.

Start Date: Jan 01 2016

Estimated Months: 60

Document of Health vision 2050

Document of Health vision 2050: - is to try to imagine how we would like to be the health system in the Sultanate of Oman in the future up to the year 2050, where the details political analysis, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal conducted a foundation of five-year plans the next Health Development The document includes eleven chapters:- Demographic characteristics of the Sultanate of Oman's, political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal health - and the health system in the Sultanate of Oman healthy. Situation in Oman -leadership and governance- Financing of the health system in the Sultanate of Oman health – human resources for health system(HRH), in -Products and medical technology in the Sultanate of Oman –information and health research and partnership between sectors in the Sultanate of Oman.

Start Date: Jan 01 2016

Estimated Months: 60

Tenth Five Year Plan Plan for Health Development 2021-2025

Continuation of the approach adopted by the Ministry of Health in the area of strategic planning, which in turn leads to the achievement of the goals and objectives set and defined in line with the results tandem and achievements successive 'Directorate-General of Planning and Studies has at the end of the first half of 2014 to work on the preparation of the general methodology and integrated five-year plan for development tenth of health (2021-2025), adopted from(Health 2050) so as to ensure that going for future five-year plans and health sync with the vision and strategic direction set out in the vision, as it should be noted that the ministry of health plan is the first step of the access road to the vision of the future of the health system in 2050.

Start Date: Jan 01 2021

Estimated Months: 66

The health system vision (Health 2050) - Executive Summary document

This Issue includes extensive analysis of the current situation of the health system in the Sultanate of Oman in terms of mortality and morbidity among the population, the challenges facing the health system and future developments and expected population changes, including the social and economic changes and includes Abstracts of: - demographic characteristics and projections political - economic situation -social technological -legal- environmental health status of the community include: - mortality rates and life expectancy at birth - fertility rates Child-health-health mother - infectious diseases or communicable - non-communicable diseases, in addition to brief health system characteristics and that will guide the development of health visions divided according to the six pillars of the health system.

Start Date: Jan 01 2020

Estimated Months: 60

Health Atlas Document-Volume one

Issuing includes expectations and future projections for the population and the needs of the health services, and medical and uses those services and human resources for health at the national level is divided at the provincial level it has been displayed on maps by geographic health information system, which describes the evolution of those needs over the coming years until 2050. It will be covered by visions and information used in the 2050 vision, and the accompanying Strategic Studies and Health Atlas as a basis for building and directing the next five-year plans for health development.

Start Date: Jan 01 2016

Estimated Months: 66

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