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Health Vision 2050

"Health Vision 2050" is an attempt to visualize how we would like our health system to be in future until the year 2050. Predicting the future of health care delivery can be fraught with uncertainty and risk, especially with the number of determinants that affect health care: demographic, political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. Health Vision 2050 describes the vision for health system development over the coming 40 Years. It provides a review of the current health system in Oman as the basis for the development of a long-term health vision for 2050. The aim of Health Vision 2050 is for the Omani people to live healthy and productive lives, through the establishment of a well-organized, equitable, efficient and responsive health system, grounded by societal values of equity and social justice.

Synopsis of Strategic Studies,, Health Vision 2050

The current volume compiles synopsis of 8 strategic studies; namely “Human Resources for Health”, “Primary Health Care”, “Health Care Quality”, “Non-Communicable Diseases”, “Health Promotion”, “Nutrition”, “Elderly Health Care” and “Medical Technology” . The information and analysis contained theses strategic studies are intended to complement the “Health Vision 2050” main document and the “Health Atlas” and will act as resource studies for developing the coming Five-Year Health Development Plans

Health Atlas

The Health Atlas is a scientific instrument developed from “Health Vision 2050” to provide health planners and decision makers with various studies and scientific data that are accessible when executing the long-term health vision plan. The Health Atlas also shows the number of healthcare institutes in the various Governorates of Oman and provides an estimate of the number of needed workforce or human resources required to match the developmental pace of the health of the country to compare favorably with those in developed countries. The Atlas also provides a glimpse into some of the major medical equipment needed to provide advanced and state-of-the-art health care.

Ninth Five Year Plan

“Health Vision 2050” is developed to visualize how the health system in Oman would look like in the future and until the year 2050. Predicting the future of health care delivery can be fraught with uncertainty and risk. It was, thus, necessary to analyze extensively the status of the Omani health system, the morbidity and mortality in the population, the challenges facing the health system and the expected future developments and changes in the population including macro-social and macro-economic changes. Extensive efforts were made to analyze the status of the health system and the surrounding circumstance in which the health system functions. Ministries and organizations related to health including the Parliament and State Council prepared working papers and a number of national workshops were conducted to discuss and describe views on the current and probable future determinants of health outcomes. “Health Vision 2050”, the working papers and the strategic studies include enormous information and analysis of health status and health system as well as actions for future improvements in health status and enhancing performance of health system.

الدليل الإسترشادي لنظام الرصد والمتابعة والتقييم للخطة الخمسية التاسعة للتنمية الصحية ( 2016 – 2020 م )

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Oman Health System Observatory

Oman Health System Observatory

Annual Report of the Directorate General for Planning and Studies, 2016

Annual Report of the Directorate General for Planning and Studies, 2016

Annual Report of the Directorate General for Planning and Studies, 2017

Annual Report of the Directorate General for Planning and Studies, 2017

• National Reproductive Health Survey 2008 • Knowledge and attitude towards congenital anomalies and genetic disorders Survey

This publication of this report on Reproductive Health of Omani Women and Knowledge and Attitudes of Omanis towards Genetic Disorders and Congenital Anomalies. These two surveys were specific to Oman and were conducted along with to the World Health Survey conducted in the Sultanate of Oman in the year 2008. The survey on Reproductive Health of Omani Women rightly aimed to describe and define the Fertility patterns, Family planning use and unmet needs, Knowledge and Attitude of IUD use, maternal health care in the ever married Omani females from 15 to 49 years. Besides this, it studied the Child health and mortality issue. The survey findings reflect that despite the overall good health state of women and children in Oman, still there are many gaps such as low use of birth spacing methods particularly modern methods and increasing use of traditional methods, high unmet needs of FP for spacing/limiting, low KAP for IUD, relatively high fertility rates. There is also lack of awareness/counseling of complication of pregnancy. The prevalence rates of common child illness as fever, cough/pneumonia and gastroenteritis are comparatively high and coupled with very low optimum fluid and feeding practices for these childhood illness as reported by the mothers.

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