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Future Project

Policies and guidelines (other than the enteral feeding policy and the catering contract)

Establishment of policies and guidelines that deal with the nutritional management of common disorders encountered in regional and Wilayat hospitals and up to this date are not available

Start Date: Jan 01 2017

Estimated Months: 48

Connect the Sub- blood banks in the governorates computer network into a unified with the Central Blood Bank

It is necessary to connect the sub- blood banks in the governorates with the Central Blood Bank in order to increase the quality of blood transfusion services in the Sultanate , and to provide all the data and information for every blood donor in every blood bank .

Start Date: Jan 01 2015

Estimated Months: 38

Training Program on Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation

Conducting a traing program on respiratory rehabilitation that involves 25 Physiotherapists whom will represenat the master triner for trainign the other physiotherapy staff in the future.

Start Date: Jan 01 1970

Estimated Months: 6

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