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Issue Good Standing Certificate

It is certificate give when doctors want for search for training or new job.

Registration Certificate

Registration of all practicing doctors/dentist in Oman.

Provision of dietetics services during Calamities and Emergencies

Provision of dietetics services during calamities and emergencies in remote areas where services are not available in collaboration with local healthcare institutions

Donate blood platelets

A special quality of blood donation is done by the device for separating blood cells called (Apheresis machine) to withdraw the blood and its components where the separation of the different blood platelets remain in Aljhazotrdja Almkwant to the rest of the donor's body through the device itself

Donating blood / whole unit

Is pulling the amount of blood donated estimated at ( 450 mL ), a small amount given to the contents of the body of the amount of blood ( 5-6 L) and this process takes less than a quarter of the time , a task to meet the ongoing blood .waltbura blood need not cause health damage where the size of the donor compensated by the amount of blood within 24 hours , and the amount contributed by not affect the body of the donor but on the contrary this is the simple lack activates blood circulation to the body as well as for several other benefits

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