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MOH Contact Center

The Call Center offers a complete health services. It can be reached from all parts of the country using any means of telecommunication whether it is telephone, cell phone, or emergency phone. It responds to all people; screening their requirements and thus fulfilling their needs with high efficiency as soon as possible at any time and place following certain standards and considering the patient's medical needs. The Call Center analyzes all received calls of emergencies and promotes work performance taking into consideration Ministry of Health's strategies to accomplish '' Patient First'' theme. Objectives of introducing this system into the ministry include: - Leadership in providing an immediate, high-qualified regular and urgent heath services. - Considering frequent recurring problems and finding appropriate solutions. - Raising health culture awareness in the community. - Improving the quality level of services and health care. - Interacting constantly between the Ministry and members of the community. - Gaining health care satisfaction from the Sultanate's citizens and residents. - Facilitating the process of scheduling patients' appointments in the hospitals (in the future). - Offering medical consultancy (in the future).

Start Date: Jun 01 2014

Estimated Months: 60

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