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Passport (diplomatic, private or service)

Arrange for the senior officials in MOH to obtain diplomatic, private or service passport.

Supplying the daily newspapers

Subscribe to the daily newspapers for the senior officials, according to the instructions of H.E. the Minister and the Under-Secretaries.

Media coverage

Media coverage, photography and TV photography for the events and activities of the Ministry in all Sultanate's governorates.

Publishing of advertisements and tenders.

- Publish an employment advertisement. - Publish a tender's advertisement. - Notice for the public regarding health services. - Publish the public auctions advertisement held by the Ministry.

A request for translation

A request to translate a medical, administrative, engineering articles….etc.

Receiving the guests of the Ministry at the airport

Receiving the official guests of the Ministry.

Providing meals

Reserve a repast (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Reserve the main meeting hall in the Ministry

Reserve the main meeting hall in the Ministry to conduct meetings.

Printing cards

Printing invitation cards for the activities and occasions of the Ministry.

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