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Educational materials on rational use of medicines

Updated educational materials were prepared for patients on the rational use of medicines for all age categories in the community.

Pharmaco-Logical Newsletter

The newsletter is published by the directorate twice a year, March and September from each year. The newsletter keeps medical staff in MoH and the health workers in private sector up-to-date on new information from the pharmaceutical field and provides brief idea to colleagues about the current job conducted by the directorate staff. Copies are also distributed to World Health Organization (WHO) office in Oman.


The directorate of rational use of medicines is the only directorate within the Ministry of Health that has a research section in the pharmaceutical sector. Researches that are conducted by the directorate are based on qualitative and quantitative measures of pharmaceutical situations in Oman based on WHO approved indicators. In addition, there are some other researches that are conducted due to irrational prescribing or problems in using specific medicine.


The directorate is conducting various workshops during the year for multi disciplinary medical staff within ministry and some GPs from the private health establishments in order to share knowledge and experience among health workers.

Oman National Formulary for Ministry of Health Institutions -Third edition

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Directorate of Rational Use of Medicine has published the third edition of the Oman National Formulary. Besides including drugs’ information, it is intended as a guide to the medicines approved for use in the MOH health facilities according to the Central Drug Committee’s decisions until the end of 2015

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