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Dear Employee

This questionnaire is conducted by the Directorate General of Quality Assurance Center to help identify the various factors affecting job satisfaction among healthcare workers in the MoH institutions. It will take approximately 15 minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire.

The quality Assurance Center would like to ensure that the name of participant is not required (anonymous), exclude less than one year experience and the confidentiality of data will be preserved.

Thank you for your time. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Dynamic Data List Form

13. Understanding and awareness of institution's mission, vision and values
14. Availability of resources to perform the work.
15 . Comfort of workplace to perform required work
16 . Interest of your manager in your professional development and advancement.
17 . Immediate supervisor’s recognition of your good work
18 . Immediate supervisor’s transparency and ability to resolve conflict
19 . The balance between your work and your personal life.
20 . Clarity of role and job expectations.
21 . Employee performance evaluations
22 . Opportunities for promotion in the institute
23 . Safety of physical working environment
24 . Teamwork spirit among different personnel in your institution
25. Ability to share suggestions with the institute’s management
26 . Senior management communication with the rest of employees in the institute
27. Extent of satisfaction with the salary
28. Satisfaction with amount workload
29. Opportunities to develop professional skills
30. Intention to leave the job in the next 5 years
31 . Overall satisfaction with your profession
32 . Overall satisfaction with working in this institute

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