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Omani National Accreditation System; standards development phase

Online Survey

Purpose & target:

The National Accreditation Committee is working currently on developing the Omani national accreditation system. Groups of Omani healthcare professional from different healthcare providers in the Sultanate of Oman (civil & military) have written 12 chapters of the standards.


All healthcare providers are invited to have inputs in this national standards through providing their feedback.  Your feedback is essential to come up with a unified, clear, and understandable standards.


Brief about elements of standards:

Each chapter has a set of standards and each standard has several elements as following:

  • Standard: statement of the standard.
  • Rationale & Aim: why do you need this standard.
  • Measures: Elements to be checked whether the hospital implemented the standards or not.
  • Guide: information given to the healthcare institution on how to accomplish the standards (e.g. write policy, guideline, SOP).
  • References: citation for the evidences and resources.


Instructions to log in:

Choose from the following chapters which is related to specialization or career to give your feedback on the draft of the standards by clicking on the linked word survey e.g. Emergency Medicine Survey    Or if you want to read or download the standards draft click on the linked word standard draft for example:  Emergency Medicine Standards (draft)



  1. Emergency Medicine  Standards/Survey link

         Emergency Medicine Survey

         Emergency Medicine Standards (draft)

  1. Critical Care Standards/Survey link

Critical Care Survey

Critical Care Standards (draft)

  1. Infection Prevention &  Control Standards/Survey link

Infection Prevention & Control Survey

Infection Prevention & Control Standards (draft)

  1. Burns Standards/Survey  link

Burns Services Survey

Burns Services Standards (draft)

  1. Medical Laboratory Standards/Survey link

Medical laboratory Survey

Medical Laboratory Standards (draft)

  1. Nutrition Standards /Survey link

Nutrition Survey

Nutrition Standards (draft)

  1. Obstetrics & Gynecology Services Standards/ Survey link

OBG Survey

OBG Standards (draft)

  1. Operation Theatre Standards/Survey link

OT Survey

OT Standards (draft)

  1. Provision of Care Standards/ Survey link

Provision of Care Survey

Provision of Care Standards (draft)

  1. Radiology Services Standards /Survey link

Radiology Services Survey

Radiology Services Standards (draft)


  1. Rehabilitation Services Standards/Survey link

Rehabilitation Services Survey

Rehabilitation Services Standards (draft)

  1. Respiratory Services Standards/Survey link

Respiratory Services Survey

Respiratory Services Standards (draft)