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Establishing healthcare quality and patient safety pillars

Establishing healthcare quality pillars in cooperation with employees in quality management and patients’ safety from different governorates in order to develop unified national policies and procedures for: 1. Auditing system 2. Documents management system 3. Risk management system 4. Incident reporting system 5. Training and career pathway system for employees of the QM&PS departments 6. Patients and employees satisfaction system 7. 3C card (comment, complement, complain) system

Start Date: Dec 06 2015

Estimated Months: 60

WHO-EMRO Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative

Launching the WHO-EMRO Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative (PSFHI) in Al-Rustaq and Nizwa hospital at the MoH and StarCare hospital at the private sector

Start Date: May 12 2015

Estimated Months: 60

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