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Khoula Hospital Emergency department serves as secondary emergency care facility for all traumatic injuries and emergent medical cases in Muscat Government. In addition, it acts as a receiving port for patients with traumatic injuries who are referred from regional hospitals and needs a tertiary care and further management by other surgical specialties available in the hospital. The department provides clinical services to all age groups causalities. Patients can access these services twenty-four hours seven days a week either directly or by GP referral. The department provide acute medical care for average of 200 emergency patients daily with different levels of injuries. The department has a capacity of 28 beds and is being operated by a specialized emergency health worker team of 130 dedicated skilled doctors and nurses (28 doctors and 103 nursing staff). The emergency team provides all needed services in a timely manner and constantly strive to meet the emergency department aim to provide patient clinical care within average of four hours, except when patients clinical needs dictate that patient continue to receive treatment in the Emergency Department for longer. The Emergency team in the department aim to keep patient fully informed about their investigations and treatment, in order to facilitate patient involvement in decisions about their overall management. The department undertakes continuous self-monitoring to ensure patients are treated promptly comfortably.


The ICU has 22 beds with facilities for ventilation. Mainly used for neuro surgery and other trauma patients and to render post operative care for complicated cases of all specialty. There are 13 operation theatres in the operation suite complex with round the clock facilities to operate trauma cases. There are 39 anaesthetists taking care of the ICU and operation rooms.

Intensive Care Unit

The intensive care unit (ICU) of Khoula Hospital is a specialist ward that provides intensive treatment and close monitoring for patients who are very ill or post surgery. Most patients in Khaoula Hospital ICU have problems with one or more organs. Some common reasons include: • A serious accident such as road traffic accidents, a severe head injury or a serious fall • A serious short-term condition such as stroke • A serious infection such as sepsis • Major surgery as can be either planned part of the recovery or an emergency measure Patients on a Khoula Hospital ICU will be looked after closely by a team of ICU stuff and will be monitored 24 hours a day and connected to equipment by a number cables and tubes. The ICU team members in Khoula Hospital ICU include: • Intensivist • Primary Care Physician • Intensive Care Nurse • Respiratory Therapist • Clinical Pharmacist • Physical Therapist • Dietitian • Social Worker


The department has a bed capacity of 83 beds apart from 16 delivery tables in the delivery suite. The out patients department functions in the wattaya OBG complex. The services available are 1) Specialized ante-natal clinic 2)High risk pregnancy clinic 3)Cardiac and diabetic clinic, 4)Hypertension clinic, 5)Gynaecology clinic, 6)Menapouse clinic, 7)Oncology clinic, 8)Colposcopy clinic, 9)Trophoblastic diseases clinic, 10)Congenital Anamoly scan, 11)Special infertility clinic and Infertility screening clinic. There are totally 30 doctors.


The unit has bed strength of 53 with incubators and monitors and equipment like phototherapy unit and transport incubators. There are facilities for Exchange blood transfusion and has the capability of managing extreme pre mature and low birth weight babies. The department has 27 neonatologists


The department is manned by 16 surgeons. It has bed strength of 29. All adult general surgery cases including vascular surgery cases are managed. It also runs a diabetic foot clinic and endoscopy services. Laparoscopic surgeries are also performed.

Department of Plastic, Reconstructive craniofacial and Burn surgery

Plastic Reconstructive Burn & craniofacial Surgery department at Khoula hospital is one of the sultanate’s leading tertiary care facility .The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is strongly committed to excellence in patient care and cross-disciplinary research that brings current medical and surgical developments into clinical practice. Our plastic surgery team is trained at the various world-renowned medical universities,hospitals and adheres to the ideals of the patient's needs coming first. We focus on personalized and evidence based treatment informed by a multidisciplinary approach and delivered with warmth and compassion. Our team is Experts in adult and pediatric plastic surgery and having great collaboration and cooperation with other specialties Plastic surgery team at their best • Multidisciplinary Craniofacial and cleft care team • Head and neck, Micro and reconstructive surgery team • Burn surgery team • Ear reconstruction and hypospadias team • Upper limb and hand reconstructive team Plastic surgery team is committed to new innovation and discovery, dedicated patient care, evaluation, treatment in all area of plastic surgery for children and adult Our commitment to Continues medical education to highest quality for future surgeons and researchers A SOPHISTICATED MULTIDISCIPLINENRY TEAM OF PLASTIC SURGERY The work of Plastic Surgery ranges from minor scar revision, wound healing principles to sophisticated craniofacial and cleft, head and neck, Ear and breast reconstruction Cosmetic surgery to improve the look and research on stem cells though not done at MOH facilities but a major part of plastic surgery at private setups Plastic surgery specialty at Khoula hospital is mainly focused on Reconstructive Surgery, which involves the restoration of form and function in any area of the body from head to toe The types of reconstructive work ranges forms repair of skin laceration/wound cover to complex craniofacial, head and neck and complex ear reconstruction Subspecialties of plastic surgery at Khoula Hospital Craniofacial surgery A major component of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, for children born with abnormalities of the skull and face or head, from Craniosynostosis (improper development of the skull bones) to cleft lip and palate, soft tissue tumor and abnormalities craniofacial fractures and deformities corrections Craniofacial unit (CFU) under the department of plastic surgery is a unique and only craniofacial unit in GCC and Middle East where all kind of complex craniofacial work is done at the highest standard, the craniofacial unit was established in 2008 and since than hundreds of complex procedures were performed Maxillofacial Surgery as part of craniofacial specialty take cares of maxillofacial trauma and fractures and provides high standard of care Burn surgery unit –Khoula hospital burn unit is one of the top burn surgery facilities in the country and has an intensive care unit with other 12 beds dedicated to burn care unit Our burns unit is one of the top Burn facilities which deals with acute and elective burn reconstruction procedures Head and neck and micro reconstructive team deals with head and neck cancer surgery and reconstruction as well as other microsurgical reconstruction like facial nerve and free tissue transfer Microsurgery in which surgeons reattach tiny pieces of tissue taken from a donor or from another part of a patient's body Microsurgeons specialize in the reconnection of nerves, muscles, and blood vessels and digits from hand and feet including major limb reattachment General plastic surgery. General plastic surgeons are trained to deals with other common and complex wound management like pressure sores ,other wound cover with skin graft and flap ,skin cancer ,lumps and bupms excision ,scar care Hand surgery - including treatment of acute and chronic hand and upper limb problems, such as carpal tunnel surgery, brachial plexus repair, hand fractures and tendon repair,hand and upper limb infection Cosmetic (Aesthetic) surgery cosmetic surgery is not allowed at MOH hospital such as breast reduction or augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, and skin treatments, such procedures are not performed at Khoula Hospital and are managed at different private hospitals in the sultanate of Oman.


This department provides tertiary care for the entire country. The department deals with all intra cranial space occupying lesions, nerve and root compression, surgical management of head injuries, vascular diseases, congenital anomalies and peripheral nerve disorders. The department has 50 beds and managed by 24 doctors. The department is supported by neuro physiology department. The neuro surgery operating rooms have neuro navigation facilities, mobile C.T. scan and endoscopes.


This largest clinical department of the hospital having a bed strength of 152, and served by 45 orthopedics surgeons. The department provides tertiary care services for the country and has super specialties like spinal surgery, Paediatric orthopaedics, Orthopaedics oncology, sports medicine, joint replacement surgeries etc. Orthopaedics trauma cases are dealt with apart from routine elective cases. Our out-reach teams travel to interior regional hospitals to render assistance and perform surgeries. The department is recognized as a training and educational centre for International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery (SICOT), OMSB and Sultan Qaboos University.

Hand Surgery Section

Hand Surgery Department was launched on January 2015, as part of the National plan of specialized surgical service department in Sultanate of Oman. The department is being running by elite group of experts hand and micro surgeons. The surgical service in the department aims to improve the surgical care in the field of hand trauma, congenital hand anomalies and reconstructive microsurgery.


This department has 10 physicians and it provides support to all surgical departments in the hospital. There are no beds allotted to the specialty. The department also supports Pre anaesthesia clinic and staff clinic.


Radiology department has 22 doctors and 61 radiographers specialized in various sub specialties. The department is equipped with two magnets MRI units, 3 Tesla and 105 Tesla. Similarly the department has two C.T. scan units, a 64 slice detector and a 128 slice detector which is installed in casualty department. Also, the department operators 8 X-ray machines, 4 Ultrasound machines, a Bone densitometry, fluoroscopy unit, mammography unit and Orthopentogram. The department also has facilities for MSK and Neuro intervention and vascular intervention procedures like angiography stenting and embolization. The Directorate of Radiology administration is consists of an overall director of diagnostic imaging & intervention radiology, a head of Radiology services who takes care of all departmental clinical issues and closely supervise all radiologists and a head of Technical support who leads 3 main sections general X-ray, CT scan and MRI.


The clinical laboratory has 11 doctors and 82 laboratory technicians. There are specialties like haemotalogy, bio chemistry, bacteriology, virology, immunology, cytology and Histo pathology. The department also provides services to all health centres in the Muscat region.


The department covers wide range of cases including post operative joint replacement mobilization physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation, apart from chest physiotherapy for post operative and long stay patients. Neuro and spinal physiotherapy and rehabilitation and speech therapy are the specialized features. There is facility for hydrotherapy as well. There are 69 physiotherapists working in the department.


The department provides alternate medicine facility for the patients who suffer from chronic ailments. There are two doctors, one male and female for treating patients of both genders. Chronic pain and skeleton muscular mobility problems are dealt by this department


This is the only unit available in the country serving patients from all over the country. This department provides artificial limbs for patients following loss of their limbs. The unit also manufactures splints and braces according to the requirements of patients.


The department has the maximum number of staffs. There are 1057 nursing staffs posted in various clinical departments as per their qualification and experience. Specialized nurses cover critical areas like Intensive care unit, Operation theatres, Accident and Emergency, Delivery suite and Neonatal intensive care unit. Male and female medical orderlies assist nurses in wards and other clinical areas.

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