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Annual health reports of the planning and studies departments in the governorates

Annual Health Report of Al Dhahira Governorate in 2017

Estimated puplation for Dhahira Governorate- mid year 2017

Annual Health Report of Dhahira Governorate in 2016

Population and areas of coverage of the governorate  of Buraimi by mid-2016

Annual Health Report of Al- Buraimi Governorate in 2016

Annual Health Report of Al-Wasta Governorate in 2015 / 2016

Annual Health Report of South Al-Batina Governorate in 2016

A reading of the indicators of hypnosis and morbidity in the annual health report in 2015 North Al-Sharqiya Governorate.

Annual Health Statistical Report 2016 (Khawla Hospital)

Population analysis and coverage areas of health institutions in South Batinah Governorate (population characteristics 2018).

Dhofar Governorate population 2018.

Dhofar Statistics Summary 2017.

Annual Statistical Report for the Dhofar Governorate 2017.

Comparison of health indicators during the first half of 2018 (Dhofar Governorate).

Annual Health Report of Muscat Governorate in 2022

Annual Health Facts and Indicators for Planning and Studies Departments in Governorates

Health Facts - North Al Sharqia 2016

Health Facts - Musandam 2016

Health Facts & Indicators 2014- Dhahira

Health Facts & Indicators 2015- Dhahira

Health  Facts & Indicators 2016- Muscat

Health  Facts & Indicators 2016- Al-Dhahira

Health Facts 2017- South Al Batina

Health Indicators 2017- Al Dakhilya

Health Facts & Indicators (2011-2017)- Dhahira

Health Facts & Indicators 2017- Musandam

Health Status Indicators 2015 - 2019 -Dhofar

Health Status Indicators 2021-Dhofar

Health Status Indicators 2022 -Dhofar

Versions the Statistic and Health Information Department

Indicators of maternal and child care in the institutions of the Ministry of Health

Utilization of Health Services (MOH)

Glimpses of Statistics 2019

Glimpses of Statistics 2020


Publications of Geographic Information System Section  -Statistic and Health Information Department

Health indicator maps for 2016

Statistical indicators with spatial data 2020

statistical indicators with spatial data 2021

statistical indicators with spatial data 2022

The Comprehensive health file for governorates

1. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - Muscat Governorate.

2. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - Musandam Governorate.

3. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - Al-Dakhliya Governorate.

4. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - Al-Wasta Governorate.

5. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - South Batinah Governorate.

6. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - North Sharqia Governorate.

7. The Comprehensive health file 2015 - South Sharqia Governorate.

8. The Comprehensive health file 2016 for all Governorate.

9. The Comprehensive health file 2017 - Al-Dakhliya Governorate.

10. The Comprehensive health file 2017- South Al Batina 

11. The Comprehensive health file 2020- Al-Dakhliya Governorate.